Work Plan


A multidisciplinary methodological approach is adopted by the consortium partners so as to materialise NHYTE objectives and expected results. The project is structured across nine Work Packages (WPs) as illustrated in the Work Plan above. Each work package is a unit of work clearly distinguishable from other such work packages with scheduled start and completion dates aiming at subdividing and facilitating the work that will be performed within the project. As illustrated, in the frame of NHYTE the work is divided in seven technical WPs, one WP devoted to Dissemination and Exploitation activities (WP8) and one WP for Management and Coordination activities (WP9).

In more detail, WP1 will deliver the automated prototype equipment that will enable the fabrication of the new hybrid thermoplastic prepreg material. Preliminary and detailed design and structural sizing of the technology demonstrators that will be used within the project will be performed in WP2. Additionally, it will provide the design requirements of the demonstrator components that will be used in WP5 and WP6 and the tailored SHM system. In WP3 the critical process parameters and the definition of the quality requirements for the manufacturing processes with the new material will be investigated. These optimized critical parameters will be used in WP6 for the fabrication of the technological demonstrators. The low cost autoclave process that will be developed within the activities of WP3 will be used in WP4, while the induction welding process will be used in WP5. A mechanical characterization of the new material based on a numerical and experimental approach will be accomplished through WP4whereas a first technology validation and the related benefit assessment will be derived from WP5. In parallel, WP6 consists a consolidation of all the manufacturing processes developed and integrated during the project, as the advantages obtained by developing the new multifunctional hybrid thermoplastic material will be verified through the manufacturing of several significant demonstrators. Last but not least, with regards to the technical part, WP7 will provide a life cycle assessment concerning the quality, cost and environmental impact of the full life cycle of the developed processes in NHYTE. Finally, WP8 aims to disseminate information about the project’s significant outcomes to the related audiences so as to maximize their exploitation opportunities and achieve the intended impacts, whereas the WP9 aims to provide the necessary organizational substrate for the fruitful implementation of the project.




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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723309.