WP8 Exploitation & Dissemination

Duration: M1-M36

Dissemination and exploitation activities are of paramount importance to a project such as NHYTE, in order to maximize its impact and trigger effects across the targeted audiences. The main objective of WP8 is to disseminate information about the project’s significant outcomes to the right audiences by using the right language at the right time so as to maximize their exploitation opportunities and achieve the intended impacts. In particular, WP8 aims at:

i. The effective and sustainable dissemination of the knowledge generated within the project among and beyond the participants of the consortium, during but also beyond the end of the project.

ii. Promoting and supporting the exploitation of the project results by introducing the combined use of the ISC AFP and induction welding process with the new composite material, whose fabrication process and prototype facility is also developed in NHYTE project (WP1), to the manufacturing of primary and secondary structures in the aerospace sector.

iii. Prioritizing areas for extending the developed approach into other applications, value chains and sectors

iv. Creating awareness for the social benefits of the project outcomes.

v. Providing adequate and effective protection and management of the knowledge created in the project, having due regard to the legitimate interests of the partners concerned.

The abovementioned activities will be practiced by all consortium partners.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723309.